Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tyson vs Holyfield III

One story that emerged this week which really caught my eye was the prospect of 'Iron' Mike Tyson making another return to the ring. Although not having announced it himself it has been said that he wishes to return for one more fight and the ideal opponent, somewhat inevitably, is Evander Holyfield. This is an absurd story and the chances of it happening are far from certain but it is still a very interesting prospect.

Tyson is 41 years-old and he is not the sort of athlete who has kept himself in pristine condition. Afterall the idea of a boxer continuing to fight as he turns 40 is nothing new or unusual. Bernard Hopkins is still fighting at a high level at the age of 45 and George Foreman reclaimed the World Heavyweight Belt at 45 as well. Tyson, however, is man who drinks, smokes, takes drugs and has been putting on weight to rival Ricky Fatton. He is said to have lost around 3 stones but he must still surely not be in any condition to fight. His last fight, back in 2005, saw him unable to come out of his corner for the 7th round against a nobody, Kevin McBride, because he was in such bad shape.

Holyfield last fought in 2008 against the giant Valuev where he is widely acknowledged to have been beaten extremely controversially in a points decision. At the age of 47 he may be 6 years the elder but he is no doubt in better condition. He is already thought to be set to fight South African François Botha, 41, in April.

This is the all too familiar story of two boxers trying to cling to their past. Whether they want the money, the attention or just the chance to hit people again is unsure. Not a month passes in the boxing world it seems without a familiar name announcing a comeback from retirement. As such,this match, if it is ever arranged, will almost certainly be met with the usual criticism and scepticism of other comebacks. Most likely this potential match has come out of nothing more than the need for another big pay-day.

It wont be boxing of the highest order by any stretch of the imagination. But still the prospect of having Tyson and Holyfield back in the ring together would have some entertainment value. Their first two fights were classics and this is one of the great rivalries in the sport, even if it is only because of Tyson having a nibble on Holyfield's ear way back in 1997. I think it would be a shame if they return to the ring, they would only do a disservice to themselves and to boxing. All that said though, I can't help myself being drawn in by the prospect of it and as the promoters well know, if they get it on TV then people, quite probably myself included, would watch.

Thoughts, opinions and comments on this story please... would you watch??

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