Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Polly's Premiership Prediction

On Sunday 9th May the Premiership will reach a very exciting climax as the final 10 fixtures are played out simultaneously. I thought I would try my hand at the BBC's table predictor and see how the final table could eventually look. Of course this is in no way accurate, if I could predict the results with any great confidence then I would not lose accumulators every weekend. Nevertheless I filled out my predictions for every remaining fixture this season as this was the end result.

My table has Manchester United just edging out Chelsea by a point to claim their fourth straight title. Their Sky Blue rivals claim the final Champions League place ahead of Liverpool, Tottenham and Aston Villa who all finish two points behind them. At the other end of the table Portsmouth are inevitably rooted to the bottom of the table and Burnley finish in 19th position. Hull are the final side to be relegated as they lose out on Premiership survival to Wolves on goal difference.

Now as I say this is in no way accurate but the exercise of doing the table predictor and the results of it are very revealing. It shows that the race for the title, the final Champions League spot and the fight for survival are all extremely close. Any dropped points and even goal difference will prove to be vital in the final outcome. Trying to predict the way each match will go was extremely difficult as no match is ever straight forward least of all at this time of the year as each team enters every game with different incentives and upsets are always likely.

Will Arsenal and Manchester United's Champions League matches impact upon their league performances? Will one of the bottom sides make a late burst for safety? Which of the chasing pack can finally find the needed consistency to take the fourth place? No one can answer these questions with any conviction. Ultimately, the final 50 days of the current Premiership campaign will be full of twists and turns which will make for fascinating viewing. There is so much to play for and so much uncertainty that if each of us filled out the table predictor then none of us would have the same results and, more importantly, none of them would be proved correct come 9th May.

Try your own table predictor at:

Thoughts, comments, opinions and predictions please...


  1. I think the Wolves players heard you. Looks like you were wrong.

  2. Well the game last night highlights what I was ultimately trying to show. I think I put that game down as a West Ham win but Wolves pull out a 3-1 victory instead. It is West Ham who now are dangerously close to the relegation zone. These sorts of games at this time of the year are impossible to predict and it is that unpredictability that will make the rest of this season so exciting.

  3. I just did it. Interestingly I had 88 points as the winning number but had Arsenal winning it with Man U in 2nd. I've got the same 3 going down and Spurs, Liverpool, City in that order for 4th, 5th, 6th.

    £10 says Arsenal top and Spurs 4th against your prediction of United and City? (£5 per bet in case Chelsea win or Liverpool get 4th[ha])

  4. I will take both those bets. I actually think that Liverpool may actually be able to drag themselves over the line for fourth with their easier run in and still don't think Arsenal have it in them to win the title. You're on!


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