Friday, 8 April 2011

Polly's Pause for...

Sorry for there not being any new posts this week but I do, for a change, have a reasonable excuse. I am currently doing a placement at so have been channelling all my sport writing efforts towards their site. Lucky them, ay.

So, here is a round up of my various pieces for them this week. Over time I will hopefully feature some of these pieces on this site too.

Interviews with Leeds United goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and England's all-time most capped player, goalkeeping legend Peter Shilton have also been completed and will appear on the site in due course.

I intend to write something over the weekend for PPFS though so watch this space.

Thoughts, comments and opinions please...

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  1. Congratulations and you are back so there aren't problems. Let us know when they publish your article.


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