Friday, 17 December 2010

The Best XI of 2010 Premiership Signings

On the day of the Champions League draw, this post may seem to be somewhat of an oversight. That being said, there is plenty of time to reflect on some of the mouth-watering ties at a later date, as I don't doubt I will. Instead, I have opted to do something different.

An interesting suggestion I had for a new post was to compile a best XI of new Premiership signings and, with the transfer window set to reopen in a fortnights time, I thought I would give it a go. So, here is my side comprising of the 2010 summer transfer window's finest acquisitions.

GK: Ben Foster (Manchester United – Birmingam)

DR: Nedum Onouha (Manchester City – Sunderland)
DC: Laurent Koscielny (Lorient – Arsenal)
DC: Titus Bramble (Wigan Athletic - Sunderland)
DL: Carlos Salcido (PSV - Fulham)

DMC: Yaya Toure (Barcelona – Manchester City)
DMC: Cheick Tiote (FC Twente - Newcastle)

AMR: Moussa Dembele (AZ Alkmaar - Fulham)
AMC: Rafael Van der Vaart (Real Madrid - Tottenham)
AML: David Silva (Valencia – Manchester City)

ST: Marouane Chamakh (Bordeaux – Arsenal)

Danny Welbeck, Paul Konchesky and Raul Meireles were the other main players who almost made the cut.

Now, I think the one thing that should become abundantly clear from looking at my team is that the last transfer window was a particularly poor one. The majority of this team are bargain purchases or players that have exceeded expectations with their performances so far this season.

As I have commented on before, the recession has unquestionably impacted upon the Premiership, but we all know that. Excluding the signings by Manchester City, no other player in this team cost more than £10 million. Ultimately, this best XI acts as a clear indication of the fact that the quality of the players entering the league is certainly not what it once was.

Nevertheless, I would like to hear who other people feel deserved, or did not deserve, to make the team, so please let me know.

Thoughts, comments and opinions please...


  1. Hey Dom, read your blog from time to time when I see it on Facebook newsfeed, so thought I'd get involved with a comment now.

    Don't see how you can include a list of best signings without a single Blackpool signing? DJ Campbell would be the obvious choice. In terms of points gained for his team he is up there, surely?

    Odemwingie for West Brom? Chamakh for me has been solid, but hardly in the 'best signing' category.

    Don't agree with your inclusion of 2 Fulham players - even if Salcido on paper looks like a coup (I thought he was brilliant in the World Cup), can a signing really be considered one of the best if it has had no notable result in the team's results or performances (though I don't know if it has in the latter case)?

    What about a XI of worst signings? Eidur Gudjohnson sat on the bench at Stoke presumably soaking up a hefty wage?

  2. Hey Ford, glad to see my persistent plugging on Facebook does work! Cheers for the comment.

    I am very willing to accept your criticism. As I state after I name the team, the side is a weak one. This is largely the result of the lack of quality that was bought in over the summer.

    As for your suggestions. DJ Campbell was considered but I favoured Chamakh. They were both signed on a free but Chamakh has scored seven in the league this season, compared to Campbell's three. It would have been nice to put a Blackpool player in the side as they deserve the recognition. Unfortunately they lack any one individual new signing this summer.

    Admittedly I forgot about Odemwingie and, in hindsight, he may well have got in the team. Perhaps Wellbeck was also more deserving as he has performed well above expectations.

    The defence was generally a problem. There have not really been any outstanding defensive new-signings. Perhaps Salcido has not done enough as an individual or as part of an underwhelming Fulham team. The question would be, who else could you choose? Kolorov (injured)? Konchesky (part of a well-document struggling Liverpool team)? Are these any more deserving?

    An XI of worst signing would be very interesting. I dare say it would be an easier team to make. The likes of Jerome Boateng, Sandro at Spurs and Gudjohnson, as you say, would all be strong contenders. It is likely that this is something I will attempt in the future.

  3. The only one in the first XI I don't agree with is Moussa Dembele, yeah he's been good but surely not enough to find a place in the team, now need to find someone to replace him.

    Raul Meirles was a good shout, Wellbeck could play there, but perhaps what about Jermaine Pennant has been great for Stoke of late.

    With regards to Odemwingie, you won't find a bigger Odem fan than myself but Chamakh has been superb for Arsenal has just slide straight into the side, made it look effortless.

    I also can't beleive Paul Konchesky has been mentioned with a post containing the word "best" he has been god awful and the great form of Salcido has shown Liverpool the massive mistake they made.

  4. Andrew, glad you largely agree with the team. I think that you are right that Chamakh has been very impressive in the way that he has slide into the side and led the line. He just perhaps fails to excite like an Arsenal forward should?!

    Pennant, I did think about him but only briefly. It was between Dembele and Wellbeck in my mind... I foolishly forgot about Odem but he probably deserved it. Meirles has been a relatively bright spark in Liverpool's gloomy season so warranted a mention.

    But yeah, I could not bring myself to put Konchesky in the team. I think I just felt sorry for him, he seems to take a unjustifiably large portion of the blame for Liverpool's poor form.

  5. I think that I agree with Andrew there on Dembele.

    I, however, would have put Gyan or Odemwingie in place of Chamakh. Other than that, no-nonsense team.

    Glad that Bramble can make Best XI, sometimes. Lol.

  6. You did a great job with the list. It is a pity that they didn't make the list but at least your mention them.


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