Sunday, 31 October 2010

Power Snooker: Cue the revolution?

Yesterday, buried in the mirky broadcasting depths of ITV4, Power Snooker made its first appearance. Having watched it briefly, it appears that some joker who goes by the name of Rod Gunner broke into a darts event and replaced the board with a snooker table.

This was Gunner's attempt to drag snooker, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century. He has revamped the sport by giving it an edgy new name and rule changes that will have traditionalist snooker fans breaking out into a quiet tut.

Power snooker, with its accelerated game play and additional scoring rules, could not be further removed from the gentleman's game we are use to seeing on the BBC. Hell, the players did even wear bow-ties!

To be fair, the players and crowd alike seemed to embrace snooker's makeover. The players entered the stage, accompanied by the conveniently attractive 'Power Girls', to their own entrance music, high-fiving fans along the way. Ali Carter even made his way to the commentary box to offer his eloquent and insightful thoughts about the event. The whole thing was as bizarre as it was comical.

 'Ding Junhui My Lord, Ding Junhui' (to the tune of Kum-ba-ya)

The 2,000 strong audience drunkenly chanted in the final as the Chinese player lost to Ronnie O'Sullivan by a score of 572 to 258. O'Sullivan, winner of the inaugural Power Snooker tournament last night in London's o2 Arena, is perfectly suited to the new game and pocketed a cheeky £35,000 for his days work - no wonder he spoke so favourably about Power Snooker after the event.

Whether Power Snooker can come close to replicating the success of Twenty20 cricket, clearly its influence, is hard to say. I doubt it though.

Thoughts, comments and opinions please...

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