Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blue Moon Rising?

I am hoping to do a few of these different posts as the season comes to an end with other people writing a review of the season for the club they follow. For the first instalment Andrew Belfield is going to give us an insight into his views on the 09/10 season as a Manchester City fan:

Am I dreaming, could it possibly be one of the best sporting weeks for a City fan in living memory! On reflection of the past 8 days of football, it seems like the results are going City’s way. Firstly our 6 – 1 demolition of Burnley and then Yesterday another high scoring win against Birmingham. Both Adebayor and Tevez grabbing goals by the bagful! Not only has the city team “clicked” this week, but it was furthered by the results of our “noisy neighbours”. Not only is their title challenge fizzling out, but Arjen Robben's sweetly hit left foot volley was a true delight to watch as Bayern sent United crashing out of Europe.

At the start of the season I stood firmly behind Mark Hughes, but felt his days as city coach were numbered. On reflection I do think the appointment of Mancini has brought the best out of some of the players. He has a greater aura than Hughes did and quickly dealt with an out of form an unhappy Robinho. Is he the manager that will take us to tournament glory... I’m still undecided. I think an appointment such as Hiddink would have justified the sacking of Hughes more than the eventual appointment of Mancini. Despite my uncertainty it is now imperative we give Mancini another season. Over the past few weeks numerous papers have said his time is up, but it would be a travesty to sack him. It would be our 4th manager since 2007, and in my opinion would be a step backwards in our goal of European Football and a trophy.

I think the reason why I am most excited about this season is we have something to play for in the last 5 games of the season, for the first time in years. Ever since our promotion back in 2002, we have been a solid mid table team, however the prospect of champions league football looms large. Since our takeover we’ve run the slogan “Blue Moon Rising” and hopefully in 5 weeks time we can take a step forward and being playing on the world’s biggest stage.

I am under no illusions about the difficulty of the task that lies ahead in the coming weeks, Firstly against our Noisy Neighbours, and fixtures against Arsenal and Villa are all tough games. But I feel ultimately that 4th Place will be decided at Eastlands against Tottenham. For once I am feeling confident as a City fan that we will do it!

Although all too often I have jumped on the city roller-coaster and being left disappointed. I would not at all be surprised if we beat Tottenham but throw Fourth place away on the final game of the season at West Ham. It would be classic City, the City that many other football fans from around the country love for their chronic underachievement.

Is this going to be the year when the Blue Moon rises? Without doubt anything but Fourth place will be considered a disappointment by the city fans, the club is changing and we will hopefully be playing in the glamorous champions league next season. The job is still not done by City, it will be a long road to Trophy success which is what all the City fans crave, and the banner being removed from the Stretford end.

Looking to next season now, I ask what do City, with the copious amounts of money at their disposal, need to do to elevate the club higher. Ultimately our summer transfer policy will be determined by the final champions league space. But I ask for your opinions on who you think would be a good signing for city. Do we buy young British players like Johnson who has been one of city’s biggest successes this season or bolster our squad with more big names?

I leave you with the thought about City’s upcoming encounter with the red half of Manchester. It could be a day to savour for City fans, effectively ending United hopes of a title, and consolidating our grip on fourth place, or will it, like the last minute 4-3 defeat earlier in the season, leave a sour taste in the mouths of the City faithful.

Score predictions please ... I fancy a cheeky punt on another 6 – 1 hammering at the hands of a certain Carlos Tevez.


  1. 6-1, very ambitious! I think, as they are at home, City could easily steal a win. Especially with the form Tevez is on and the fact you know he will be pumped against United, I would fancy him to grab a couple.

    I also think you are probably right that the match against Tottenham will decide which one of you gets fourth spot. Mancini was a good appointment. I quite like Mark Hughes but he was never going to last with the new owners. A club with the big money and big players that City have needs a big manager in terms of achievements and character. As competent a manager as Hughes is, he is not a big enough name for the new cash-injected City. Mancini fits the bill and, if given the chance, could do well.

    As for transfers. I think you need players with passion - young, old, British or foreign. Tevez and Bellamy have been by far your best players because they actually try. You can have all the quality you like but if they do not care about the team then you will never win trophies. This, in my opinion, has been City's downfall this season and is what they need to address in order to progress.

  2. You say they need players that care and I agree with that but you can't have players like Tevez coming out in the press saying that the players don't agree with Mancini's training methods. Or have Bellamy falling out with Mancini etc.

    There is a big difference between caring and causing problems in the dressing-room.

    Something is not right in the dressing-room at city and as a result I don't see Mancini being there next season, regardless of where they finish. It's a shame because he is doing a good job but he doesn't seem to have the support of the players and as is always the case in these situations, the manager will probably take the blame.

    I reckon 1-1. It'll be a tight game and will effectively end Man Utd's chances of winning the title.


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